Keeping Your Printer Alive and Well

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Keeping Your Printer Alive and Well

When you have to meet a deadline, nothing is more frustrating than an unresponsive printer. In addition to being technically annoying, malfunctioning printers can also be costly to repair and messy. However, if you can learn how to care and maintain your printer, you might be able to avoid surprise repair sessions before class starts. I want to teach you everything that I know about printers, so you should check out my blog. You will find information on everything from how to clean your system to how to calibrate those print heads. You never know, it could make things a lot easier for you one day.

Why Keeping Track Of Inventory With A Barcode Scanner Is So Important

Depending on the type of business that you run, there is a good chance that you don't use a barcode scanner as a means of tracking your inventory. However, if you have not started taking advantage of this technology yet, now is the time to do so. Even if you usually keep track of your inventory the old-fashioned way, using a barcode scanner is a much better idea. These are a few reasons why. Read More 

Draw In Customers With The Latest Trends In Business Cards

Business cards are a dime a dozen; nearly everyone has a stack of them on a desk or in a drawer somewhere. They are easy to hand out and even easier to misplace. However, business cards are an important part of brand identity. A well-designed business card can put a business in the forefront of a potential customer's mind, so they remember who to call when they need a particular product or service. Read More 

Starting A Candle Business? 2 Labels You Need On Each Candle To Comply With Federal Candle Laws

If you are beginning a business selling candles because you simply love making them or you want to cash in on the American public's love of them during the fall and winter seasons, then be sure to make sure your candles meet all federal safety regulations. Once important way to comply with laws is to include the appropriate warning label on every candle you sell. This information not only helps keep consumers safe, but it helps protect you from potential lawsuits in the future if one of your candles is used inappropriately and starts a fire. Read More 

Selecting A Color Scheme For Your Brochure

The color scheme you choose for your company's brochure is vital if you want to have a successful print campaign. As you know, color can affect mood and perceptions. A brochure with an eye-catching and interesting color scheme will not only stand out, it will invoke curiosity in those who look at it, which means they will actually look at the brochure instead of dismissing it.  When you pick out colors for your brochure, your designer or printer may use terms that you're unfamiliar with. Read More 

Why Authors Should Use Rack Cards for Promotion

When you go to a store, restaurant, hotel, or even your doctor's office, you often see racks filled with bright, colorful cards for businesses. As an author, you can benefit from rack cards. You might not realize how helpful they can be for a writer who has to do self-promotion.  Bigger Than Business Cards Business cards are usually the go-to printable marketing item for authors. From them, people learn your name, website, and social media information. Read More