Keeping Your Printer Alive and Well

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Keeping Your Printer Alive and Well

When you have to meet a deadline, nothing is more frustrating than an unresponsive printer. In addition to being technically annoying, malfunctioning printers can also be costly to repair and messy. However, if you can learn how to care and maintain your printer, you might be able to avoid surprise repair sessions before class starts. I want to teach you everything that I know about printers, so you should check out my blog. You will find information on everything from how to clean your system to how to calibrate those print heads. You never know, it could make things a lot easier for you one day.

Professional Business Printing

Your brochure is an important calling card that can mean the success or failure of your business. Even if all of your advertising and promotion is done on the Internet, you still need an attractive brochure that a potential customer can refer to when considering your products and services. 

Nothing can promote your business as well as a beautifully designed and printed brochure. Professional print shops use high quality paper and have precise folding and binding capabilities. Even the most expensive home or office printer cannot match the quality of a professional print shop. The following is a comparison of the technologies used by a professional print shop and a home or office printer:

  • A professional print shop uses offset printing technology. This technology employs metal plates to transfer a design onto a rubber blanket that then rolls the design onto a sheet of paper. The printed papers are then stacked and cut together and folded identically. This process assures that your brochure will have high color fidelity and crisp, clean type and formatting. The more copies you print with this process, the cheaper each piece is to print. This process is best used when you have a large print run.
  • A home or office printer uses digital printing technology. This technology employs toner and liquid ink to reproduce colors. All finish work, such as cutting and folding is individually done by hand. This process is good for printing personalized data, such as customer names, addresses, and codes on individual printed pieces. Although, this process cannot print as many colors as offset printing technology and is not as accurate when it comes to finishing, it is cheaper. This process is best used when you have a smaller print run. 

One advantage of using a professional print shop is having a graphic designer take your project from concept to finish. There is no substitute for education and experience when it comes to producing a beautiful print job. Also, a professional print shop can use custom embossing, hot foil stamping, metallic inks, custom die cutting, and coatings and varnishes that are unavailable on a home or office printer. 

Even in this digital age, having your business brochures printed by a professional print shop is a wise choice. It is a good idea to have your letterhead, envelopes, and business cards also professionally printed to make sure that your business graphics are completely consistent. 

Unique and memorable business brochures and printed matter can really make a difference when representing your products and services to the world. This is a level of professionalism that every business should strive for in order to be successful in their field. If possible, have your business graphics printed professionally by a brochure printing company and watch your business grow beyond your expectations.