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Keeping Your Printer Alive and Well

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Starting A Candle Business? 2 Labels You Need On Each Candle To Comply With Federal Candle Laws

If you are beginning a business selling candles because you simply love making them or you want to cash in on the American public's love of them during the fall and winter seasons, then be sure to make sure your candles meet all federal safety regulations. Once important way to comply with laws is to include the appropriate warning label on every candle you sell. This information not only helps keep consumers safe, but it helps protect you from potential lawsuits in the future if one of your candles is used inappropriately and starts a fire. Here is a guide to the labels you need to comply with US FTC guidelines. 

1. Fire-safety Warning Label

The most important label you need on each and every candle you sell is a fire-safety warning label. It must include the standard warning graphic, which consists of an exclamation point inside of a triangle.

You must also include the following three statements on this label:

  1. Burn within sight
  2. Keep away from things that catch fire
  3. Keep away from children

You can also include small photos that display each rule being broken, called pictograms, although they are not required by law. Variations of statement number two can also be substituted, such as "Keep away from combustibles" or "Keep away from things that burn." Use your best judgment to determine which is best for your target buyer. 

2. Consumer Product Information Label

This information also must be included on every candle, and it is a basic outline that informs the consumer exactly what they are purchasing or have purchased when they look at your candle. If you are selling candles in multi-packs, then this information can be displayed on the packaging for the entire pack, such as on the outside wrapper or box. If one candle is being sold separately, this information must be on the candle itself. 

Information needed on the consumer product information label includes:

  1. Product's general name. This can be as simple as "Candle" or can also include the type of candle, such as "Tealight Candle" or "Scented Candle."
  2. Net contents in both metric and imperial measurements. As you know, there are candles of many shapes and sizes and made of different types of materials, from solid wax to gel. There is a bit of leeway regarding candle net contents label requirements for this reason. In general, solid-wax candles should have height and width measurements displayed, while gel candles can be labeled with their net weight, since they can be considered close to a fluid.
  3. Your company's name, city, state, and zip code.

If you plan to sell citronella candles, then you also need separate labels on those candles that state that the candle is a pesticide. State guidelines dictate what this label must say, so look into your local state laws regarding this specific label. California also has additional labeling laws you need to look into if you are operating out of this state. 

Once you have these two labels made for every candle (and a pesticide warning on any citronella candles), then you can have fun with the rest of your labeling. Be sure to add your website name on your labels for easy repurchasing, if you plan to sell them online. Also, invest in well-made labels that are laminated and have good adhesive that will stick well to your candles.