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Keeping Your Printer Alive and Well

When you have to meet a deadline, nothing is more frustrating than an unresponsive printer. In addition to being technically annoying, malfunctioning printers can also be costly to repair and messy. However, if you can learn how to care and maintain your printer, you might be able to avoid surprise repair sessions before class starts. I want to teach you everything that I know about printers, so you should check out my blog. You will find information on everything from how to clean your system to how to calibrate those print heads. You never know, it could make things a lot easier for you one day.

Why You Need A Custom Event Display For Your School's PTA

The beginning of the school year is tough for PTA parents. Not only are you getting your own child or children ready for the new year, but you are also planning special events and fundraising activities for everyone else's kids. It's not easy, and the more help you can get, the better.

Volunteering with the PTA can be as simple as popping popcorn for a school-wide movie night to as involved as serving on the board. Some PTAs even have at-home office tasks that they need help with. Unfortunately, most PTAs have trouble connecting with willing parents. A custom event display can help your school's PTA stand out to those parents on 'Back-to-School' and 'Meet-the-Teacher' nights. Here's how: 

  • Draw attention. Parents are often overwhelmed at the start of the school year and often do not even realize that the PTA has a sign-up sheet for events that are scheduled throughout the year. A custom event display will draw attention to your group more than a plain table with a few clipboards. Add balloons, if you have the budget.  
  • Bold lettering. School gymnasiums can get crowded at events. Large, bold lettering on your custom display will be noticeable and easy to read from a distance so more parents can find you.
  • School colors. There are often multiple tables set up at events, all vying for a parent's attention. Instead of trying to compete with scouting and after-school karate tables, use school colors on your custom event display to stand out from the crowd. This helps make your table easy to spot.
  • Dedicated space. When PTAs have a dedicated space, they can inform parents ahead of time. Knowing exactly where to look for the PTA can help parents who are interested in volunteering know just where to find you.
  • Recognizable. If you use the same display year after year, you not only save money but also become a recognizable table for parents as they return with their children each year. 

Of course, staffing your custom event display area with smiling faces can go a long way when you are looking for new recruits. Many parents worry that the PTA is a clique, and a smile can help dispel that myth. 

Create a custom display that represents the PTA and everything they do for the school. This will help you get recognized at school-wide events. While the cost is an investment, you will reap the rewards in terms of more helping hands throughout the school year.