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Keeping Your Printer Alive and Well

When you have to meet a deadline, nothing is more frustrating than an unresponsive printer. In addition to being technically annoying, malfunctioning printers can also be costly to repair and messy. However, if you can learn how to care and maintain your printer, you might be able to avoid surprise repair sessions before class starts. I want to teach you everything that I know about printers, so you should check out my blog. You will find information on everything from how to clean your system to how to calibrate those print heads. You never know, it could make things a lot easier for you one day.

2 Ways How Point-Of-Purchase Displays Boost Your Sales

Your retail store competes against several other stores on the same street or neighborhood. You may also attend a trade show where you will meet different businesses offering similar products as you. Therefore, you must think of effective strategies to catch customers' attention. While posters may do the trick, they cannot beat the effectiveness of point-of-purchase (POP) banners, especially in visually cluttered spaces. Learn more about how POP banners help to attract buyers.

1. High Visibility

Business cards are perfect for establishing a customer relationship, but you must get the customers' attention first. POP banners are precisely what you need. Their visibility makes them hard to pass by without checking what your company offers. The banners are bigger and taller than the standard poster signs, so anyone passing by will notice them. You may choose to place the banner by the store entrance. Or, in case of a trade show, you can set the pop-up banner a few feet from your booth to direct attendees your way.

2. Perfect For Visual Merchandising

Effective visual merchandising is a common struggle among brands. Visual merchandising is where you display your products and organize your store to offer a stimulating shopping experience and enhance your brand. There are numerous visual merchandising strategies, including using color to create a cohesive visual experience, using particular lighting schemes to set the mood, and using focal points to guide buyers. However, none of these options matches the effectiveness of (POP) banners for merchandising. Instead, place the displays around the products you wish to advertise or draw attention to and watch the traffic grow. You can use POP displays to highlight the features of the products or to showcase discounts. This step breaks up clutter and saves you from the hassle of guiding buyers through their purchases. Instead, the banners help you sell products faster. Identify your target products when selecting the right POP displays for your retail store or trade show event. These might be your best sellers or slower sellers that you wish to push with discounts. You should also think about your target customers to understand what kind of banners can quickly draw their attention.

A reliable commercial printing company will guide you to choose the POP displays representing your brand mission and vision while still fitting with the rest of the store or trade show setup. With this, you can rest assured of getting high traffic. And when combined with good customer service, you will have a high conversion. 

For more information, contact a commercial printing company near you.